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"I recently brought my 2011 Honda Accord to AutoTech to have it inspected before I go out of state for a few months. Gerard showed me that my Rack & Pinion Assembly was leaking.He even took pictures for me. The sad thing is that just 2 months ago I just paid a local Honda Dealership to replace it for this reason.Gerard showed me the tell-tale signs that the Honda Dealership had not even removed my old leaking Rack & Pinion Assembly (much less replaced it). I couldn't believe that THE DEALERSHIP would be the ones to rip me off! Gerard explained how I should approach the situation with the dealership service advisor, as well as what they would tell me to try and "cover their tracks"...Everything played out EXACTLY the way he said it would. Because I handled it the way Gerard suggested, the Honda Dealership FINALLY replaced the Rack & Pinion Assembly FOR REAL! Gerard didn't have to help me with this - He didn't make a dime for doing so. As a single woman I will never forget how I was cared for. At this point YOU ARE THE ONLY SHOP I TRUST! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!"

- Audrey E. (Phoenix)

"Thanks for repairing my 1999 Ferrari Modena transmission so quickly and accurately. With your advice the new 1 st and 2 nd gear synchros fixed the problem and saved me what could have been thousands of $$ by not rebuilding an otherwise excellent transmission! Most other rebuilders were not willing to look at the problem and take the best course for me,the consumer. You did, and I say THANKS AGAIN! As a former high end auto repair shop owner and restorer I would certainly recommend ANYONE with even a complicated transmission like my Ferrari F1 take it to you to get the job done quickly, accurately and at a super competitive price!"

- Jim M., Shop Owner (Scottsdale)

"Came in for an oil change and left with a lot more knowledge.Gerard is very honest and trustworthy I expected to just go and get my oil changed but he did his 45 point inspection and found some problems which I would have not know about then sent me a personal email with estimates and recommendations and discounted prices if I got some things done at the same time to save on labor.He has definitely earned my business and is highly recommended."

- David M. (Phoenix)

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